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Understanding your dental needs first at Your Dental Care Team at North Strathfield

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The dentists at YOUR DENTAL CARE TEAM likes to undergo a comprehensive approach to dentistry. We not only look at out patient's teeth and gums, we understand that there is actually a person around the mouth and we look at what understand that what happens in your mouth may affect how your heart works, how you sleep and how you breath.


If it is your first time with us, we spend time understanding how your previous dental experience has being. what you want to achieve with your smile and any other dental concerns you may have. We then take close up photos of your teeth so we can help explain to you what is going on in your mouth. If needed, we may also take a 3D X-ray of your mouth and jaws. This will help us see what is happening underneath the gums, how your jaws fit together, how your filters (sinus) and noses are working as this may affect how you breath and function.


The amount of air (or oxygen) you are breathing in, may affect how well you are sleeping at night! When you don't breath well, you don't sleep well and then you don't feel well. This may also lead to high blood pressure or putting on extra weight just because your body can't function at 

its optimal level.

We also check the health of your gums, as medical research shows that there are links between the severity of gum disease may increase your risk of having heart disease. An oral cancer screening test is carried out to search for any unusual lumps, swollen or red/white areas.

Dr Alex Kwaan, Dr Julia Hu and Dr Natsumi Iwashami are all here to help you alleviate your dental fears, improve the way you can chew, function and smile!

The following are some of the dental treatment options we provide at YOUR DENTAL CARE TEAM:

Call us on 8756 5740, BOOK ONLINE or email us to make an appointment today or to find out more!

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