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Do you have crooked teeth?
Want a brand new smile?
Don't know where to start?
Let our dentists from Your Dental Care Team guide you to a beautiful smile! 
Whether you are a young child or an adult, our dentists Dr's Alex Kwaan or Julia Hu can ensure you have the perfect smile to suit your timeframe and needs.
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At YOUR DENTAL CARE TEAM,  we offer a range of orthodontic treatment options to help you achieve a straight, healthy beautiful smile.  

Orthodontics do more than just straighten teeth, they also help with the development and growth of facial bones, especially for our younger patients.  But orthodontics is no longer just for teenagers, many of our adult patients are also finding great benefits undergoing orthodontic treatment for improper bites, overcrowding and crooked teeth they have had since childhood. 


YOUR DENTAL CARE TEAM is experienced in Invisalign, Myobrace and conventional braces.  We are also happy to refer you to a specialist orthodontist.


Let us boost your confidence by providing you with straight teeth that you can smile about!


Other benefits of having straighter teeth include:

  • Gums fitting better around the now straightened teeth which are a lot easier to keep clean.

  • Improved chewing and speech with better aligned teeth and jaw

  • Teeth that are better aligned will cause less stress, damage and wear to existing teeth and jaw joints


Call us on 8756 5740 or BOOK ONLINE or email YOUR DENTAL CARE TEAM to arrange an appointment or find out more today!



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Aligning teeth without braces


Myobrace is usually used in the early stages of tooth development (5 -15 years old) and allows you to straighten crooked teeth "without braces". 


Myobrace treatment does not require wearing braces or other appliances 24 hours a day, every day of the week.  You will only need to wear a removable  appliance for 1-2 hours each day and overnight while sleeping. Wearing the appliance, combined with some 'myofunctional exercises' will help straighten your teeth and jaws. 


The clear alternative to braces

Ever wanted to have your teeth straightened but did not want to have metal showing on your teeth? Now you can with clear aligners from Invisalign which are changed every two weeks and slowly move your teeth over time.


The aligners are comfortable, removable and virtually invisible.  Plus the best thing about Invisalign is that it is custom designed for your teeth and hence your smile is unique.

Rapid Smiles
Accelerated Orthodontics


Short of time and want to have a great smile in time for your wedding? graduation? Or you are just not interested in having metal braces for  years?


Rapid Smiles uses clear brackets and YOUR DENTAL CARE TEAM can help you straighten your top and bottom 6 teeth in approximately 4- 6 months.

Want to find out more?
Unsure of which treatment is best suited for you? 
Have a good idea of what you want to go ahead with?
Call us on 8756 5740 or Book Online or email us at
to book an appointment to discuss the above options with Dr Alex, Dr Sam or Dr Julia 
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