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Dental Implant treatment at Your Dental Care Team NorthStrathfiel

 your dental implant treatment        

Dental Implants


Is your mouth a little battered like the van above?
You don't have the confidence to bite into an apple?
If you have missing teeth and can't bite into an apple or
smile confidently, give us a call or make an appointment online
and see how we can help give you back the ability to chew again
and a more confident smile.

At YOUR DENTAL CARE TEAM,  we offer a range of options to help fill a small or large gap in your mouth. There are traditional dentures, fixed dental bridges and dental implants. Dental Implants are as close to a real tooth in terms of how it chews and it also doesn't need to rely on neighbouring teeth to help anchor a denture or fix a dental bridge to. 

Dental implants not only help fill a space, but it can also:

- Give you the confidence to eat foods you always wanted to!

- Help you speak and pronounce words properly 

- Allow you to smile and laugh.

Having trouble biting into an apple? Let Your Dental Care Team give you back some function through dental implant treatment

Call us on 8756 5740 or BOOK ONLINE or email YOUR DENTAL CARE TEAM to arrange an appointment to find out how dental implant treatment can help you today!

Dental implant treatment at Your Dental Care Team @ North Strathfield improve your bite, speech and laughter!
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