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Sterilisation Protocol


At YOUR DENTAL CARE TEAM, your health, safety and peace of mind is very important to us.

As a result, our staff follow very carefully the Australian Dental Association guidelines for

sterilisation procedures. 

Sterilisation at your dental care team

Wherever possible, disposable (single-use only) instruments and materials are used.


All other instruments and handpieces are sterilised after each patient. Instruments are first rinsed free of blood and debris. They are then placed in an ultrasonic cleaner to loosen all deposits and then washed and dried. We then bag all the instruments and they are placed in our autoclave for steam sterilisation.  The autoclave uses a combination of heat and moisture maintained at the right temperature and pressure for a certain length of time to kill micro-orgnisms, including spores. Our Mocom Class B autoclave is TGA-approved and operates according to the standards AS/NZS 4185 and is regularly serviced by specialised technicians.



Each sterilisation cycle is monitored and a record printed to ensure the sterilisation parameters are met.  After each cycle, the pack is checked for integrity and colour-code change prior to being released to the surgeries for use.


Your health, safety and peace of mind is most important to us.  Please feel free to call us to chat more about this if you have any further questions.

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